Flexibility at its finest

The magnetic force will allow you to fix molds of any shape and size in the same polishing cycle. The ideal solution for polishing bottle containers moulds.

A solution for:

Molds for bottles

Molds for perfumery

Pharmacy molds

Square section molds

Round section molds

Cast iron

Description of the machine and the polishing process

Configured with one or two working boxes. The fixing of the molds takes place via a magnetic table. This solution allows to load moulds with different dimensions at the same time. The loading and unloading of the polishing liquids are managed automatically and are recyclable. For molds of non-magnetizable materials, the magnetic plates are designed for rapid mechanical clamping. The machine software allows you to store the processing recipes.

The polishing quality that you can obtain with this system is equal to a surface roughness Ra up to 0.05 microns (similar to 2000 brush paper), this value depends on the material of the molds. Furthermore, the technology makes it possible to polish molds of different shapes (round, square, etc.) and in different materials (cast iron, bronze, aluminum, steel, etc.).

Some of the benefits of using this technology are:


A single step to get to your result

Sustainability in your polishing processes

SPM Filtro

Reduce polishing costs even more with the use of our filtering system purposely designed to save the polishing liquid while respecting the environment