Continuous research and innovation of the super-finishing concept


In a sector aimed at innovation and technological development, SPM finds perfect application with the continuous research and innovation of the concept of super-finishing for the polishing of engine turbines.

By 2050, the European Aeronautical Research Council (ACARE) aims to reduce carbon dioxide by 75%, nitrogen oxide 90% and noise pollution by 65%. All requirements that can only be achieved with a perfect engine turbine polishing.

SPM polishing system does not only polish gas turbines in Oil&Gas and Power applications but even polishes engine turbines in aerospace applications participating in many successful engine programs with blade polishing, sector polishing, combustor polishing, impeller polishing, propeller polishing and many more turbine components.

Components polished with the SPM process respect the initial profile and the required tolerances thanks to the control of the material removal rate on all the components.