SPM Polishing System for
Take the polishing of your molds to a whole other level
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SPM Polishing System for
Continuous research and innovation of the super-finishing concept
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SPM Polishing System for
Increase efficiency in energy production, thanks to our super-finishing
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SPM Polishing System for
Additive Manufacturing
Performance and repeatability are the keywords that describe SPM's process capability in this sector
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SPM Polishing System for
Precise as a Swiss watch
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SPM Mould Polishing System - Design, development and production of mold polishing surface treatment machines

The polishing


For over 20 years SPM Mould Polishing System has been designing, manufacturing and selling on the global markets its own technologies for polishing mechanical components.
SPM Mould Polishing System has a high degree of specialization and is a technological partner whose main objective is to offer its customers innovative and competitive solutions for every specific need.

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The best services in the industry

Solutions with the widest degree of
production flexibility

We believe flexibility is more important than productivity. This is why we want to offer solutions with the widest degree of production flexibility, allowing you to realize your imagination. With our extensive experience and know-how, we will support your imagination with our design and engineering skills to arrive at increasingly surprising solutions.
Reinvent super-finishing processes. Find out how SPM Mould Polishing System innovations help the world’s leading companies simplify and streamline super-finishing processes and gain a competitive advantage. A good idea isn’t enough without the right tools, that’s why we provide the advice and complementary equipment to make it happen.

Our mission

Listening to our customer, serving him and giving him maximum value.

What do we do

Machines and systems for the polishing of mechanical components

Its wide range of products includes machines and systems for polishing moulds for glass and plastic containers, as well as polishing systems for components of turbines and compressors in the Power and Aerospace sectors. It also provides support equipment for polishing applications.

Cutting-edge technology

The distinctive features of SPM Mould Polishing System have their origin in the know-how that has led the company to obtain different methods and process patents that allow to achieve high levels of surface quality that can hardly be obtained with similar or equivalent technologies.

Manufacturing Leadership

SPM Mould Polishing System boasts business relationships with the largest and best manufacturers in the glass, power, aerospace, additive manufacturing and transmission sectors.

All the solutions

A solution for each industry

SPM Mould Polishing System can support the customer by choosing with him the production scenario that best meets his needs, taking into account key factors such as production costs, energy savings, space and flexibility.
Get better results by removing steps and complexity from your workflow.
Find out how the SPM polishing process can offer great benefits to your business.
Customization: thanks to a lean, dynamic and flexible structure, we develop customized products based on the specific needs of customer

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