SPM designs, develops and manufactures machinery for surface treatments for the polishing of moulds for bottles, glasses, tableware and containers in general in the glass sector, and components and mechanical parts in the Oil & Gas and Avio sectors.

Thanks to continuous Research & Development and through a consolidated network of relationships with worldwide leading companies, SPM has developed a globally recognized technological and manufacturing leadership.

This is proved by business relationships with the major best in class producers of the glass, Oil & Gas and Aviation Industry.

The SPM distinctive characteristics have their origin in the Know-How that has led

the company to obtain several method and process patents that allow to reach high levels of surface quality that can hardly be achieved with similar or equivalent technologies.


SPM Mould Polishing System S.r.l. starts its activity as mould polishing service provider for third parties in the glass and plastic blow moulding industries.

SPM starts the development of a new technology for the industrialization of the polishing process of hollow moulds which ends with the assignment of the first European Patent.

SPM develops a first machine model for polishing of hollow moulds and starts to sell its machines and related technology to customers in Italy and abroad.

SPM focuses its activity on the sales of machines for polishing hollow moulds, that becomes the core business.

SPM mould polishing machines are sold and working among all of the major glassware factories in Europe, North and South America, Middle-East and India.

SPM develops a new patent related to the magnetic working table that increases flexibility, widens the range of possible applications and therefore opens up new markets for its polishing machines, namely Oil & Gas and Avio.

SPM proceeds with the technological research & development, focusing a continuous improvement of the performances of their products.